Cedar Grove Baptist Church

In a survey of hundreds of Christian parents, Southern Seminary professor Timothy Paul Jones found two competing realities:

Good intentions: When his team asked whether parents were responsible to engage personally in a discipleship process with their children, over 90% of parents said "yes."
Limited practice: While parents admit their responsibility to be primary disciplers of their children, most are doing little—if anything—to fulfill that role. The survey found that two-thirds of fathers and mothers read Scripture with their children once every two weeks or less, family devotional or worship times happen once a month or less in six out of ten households, and half of parents never engage in any form of family devotional time.  
Are you among the parents who feel their responsibility but are finding it hard to fit family discipleship into your life? Would you like to know how you can be more intentional and successful at discipling your children?
Join David Michael, and Steve and Candice Watters for practical guidance, strategies, and resources for intentional family discipleship in a free webinar on November 9th.