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Being a young, single mom can be a time of mixed and bittersweet emotions but the one thing you need to know is that you are not alone. Embrace Life is a support group designed to help and encourage young, single moms. This support group provides spiritual and emotional support through the local church.

Often part of the struggle is trying to find people that can relate to your situation and understand all of the highs and lows of emotions that you are experiencing. By joining a local Embrace Life group, you will have the opportunity to meet other moms who are in a similar life season.

We are here for you and want you to know that there is hope! Being a single young mom is not your identity or label, it's a season you're in. We can help you embrace and find joy in your season! 

Embrace Life was created to help encourage, educate and empower young, single moms just like you, and to speak into your life and to make sure that you know that your dreams are not over. God still has an amazing destiny and purpose created just for you, all you have to do is grab hold of it and believe. He wants to be in relationship with you because He put gifts and talents inside of you that only YOU have. By joining an Embrace Life group, you will learn how to dream big and live a transformed life by receiving help with the practical and spiritual aspects of life.

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